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SampSharp.Core Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:SampSharp.Core"]

Public classGameModeBuilder
Represents a configuration build for running a SampSharp game mode.
Public classGameModeBuilderException
Thrown when an error occurs while building a game mode client in GameModeBuilder.
Public classGameModeClientException
Thrown when an exception occurs while a IGameModeClient is running a game mode.
Public classGameModeClientExtensions
Contains IGameModeClient extension methods.
Public classGameModeNotRunningException Obsolete.
An error thrown if the game mode is not running when game mode-specific methods are called.
Public classHostedGameModeClient
Represents a SampSharp game mode client for hosted game modes.
Public classMultiProcessGameModeClient Obsolete.
Represents a SampSharp game mode client for remote SA-MP servers.
Public classServerConnectionClosedException Obsolete.
Represents errors that occur when the connection between an IGameModeClient instance and the server disappeared.
Public classServerLogWriter
A TextWriter that writes all input to the server log.
Public classUnhandledExceptionEventArgs
Provides data for the UnhandledException event.
Public interfaceIGameModeClient
Contains the methods of a SampSharp game mode client.
Public interfaceIGameModeProvider
Contains the methods of a provider of game mode routines.
Public interfaceIGameModeRunner
Contains the methods of a runnable game mode.
Public interfaceISynchronizationProvider
Contains the methods of a provider of synchronization to the main thread.
Public enumerationGameModeExitBehaviour Obsolete.
Contains possible behaviours for the GameModeBuilder once a OnGameModeExit call has been received.
Public enumerationGameModeStartBehaviour Obsolete.
Contains methods of attaching the game mode to the server.